Machine Quantity Origin
Engine Cat.3612, 2.59 MW Each 2 USA
Exhaust Silencer Muffler 2 Germany
Cooling Tower 2 Luwa, Germany
Air Compressor 2+1 NK+Hatlapa, Germany
Starting Air Bottle 2 NK, Germany
Control Air Bottle 1 NK, Germany
Over Head Service Crane 1 Kuli, Germany
Ventilation Fan 2
HFO Separator With Sludge Tank 2 Alfa Laval, Spain
Lube Oil Separator With Sludge Tank 2 Alfa Laval, Spain
Booster Module 1 IKL, Germany
Injector Tip Cooling Module 1 IKL, Germany
Heat Exchanger For Jacket Water 2 APV-Luwa, Germany
Heat Exchanger For Air / Oil 2 APV-Luwa, Germany
Lube Oil Sludge Pump 1 IKL, Germany
Cooling Tower Circulating Pump 4 KSB, Germany
Air Dryer 1 Sebro, Germany
R.O. Plant with Feed Pump, Pressure Water Pump 1 set Culligan, UK
Treated Water Tank 1 Locally Made
Unloading Pump (HFO) 2 IKL, Germany
Unloading Pump (D.O) 1 IKL, Germany
Transfer Pump (HFO) 2 IKL, Germany
Transfer Pump (Do) 2 IKL, Germany
Transfer Pump 1 IKL, Germany
Sludge Loading Pump 1 IKL, Germany
Control Panel 6 Cyems Tronix, UK
MCC Panel 12 Cyems Tronix, UK
NGR Panel 2 Cyems Tronix, UK
Battery Charging Panel 1 Cyems Tronix, UK
VCB Control Panel 6 Hawker Siddly, UK
Transformer 500 KVA, 11000/400 V 1 Siemens, Pakistan
HFO Bulk Tank 2 Locally Made
Do Bulk Tank, H.F.O Settling Tank, H.F.O Day Tank, Do Day Tank, Sludge Tank 1 no. each Locally Made

Note: All machinery manufacturing year is 1996.

Small Power House Machinery

Machine Quantity Origin
CAT Diesel Engine 1.02 MW 2 USA
Transformer 2000 KVA, 400/11000 V 2 PEL, Pakistan
Control Panel 1 USA
VCB Control Panel 1 Siemens, Germany
Load Break Switch 2 PEL, Pakistan
ACB Panel 1 PEL, Pakistan

Note: D.O Generator installation year 1994.

Gas Engine Machinery

Machine Quantity Origin
CAT ENGINE 3520 C 1.75MW 2 USA
Heat recovery heat exchanger 2 NKR, Pakistan
Heat exchanger for J/W 2 NKR, Pakistan
Heat exchanger for oil cooler 2 NKR, Pakistan
Cooling Tower 2 Lenchi, China
Cooling Tower circulating water pump 3 KSB, Pakistan
Air supply fan 4 Bilal Eng, Pakistan
Exhaust air fan 2 Bilal Eng, Pakistan
VCB Panel 3 Siemens, Pakistan
VCB Panel 1 EL, Pakistan
VCB Control Panel 2 Terberg, Germany
VCB Control Panel 1 Terberg, Germany

Note: Gas engines installation year March 2007.


Machine Quantity Origin
Waste Heat recovery Boiler 1.4 TPH Each with auxiliaries 2 DDFC, Pakistan
Duel fuel boiler 2TPH auxiliaries 1 Gresham, Pakistan
Duel fuel boiler 5TPH auxiliaries 1 Gresham, Pakistan

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